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Limited edition prints 500 each - will be signed and numbered.

May Peace Be With You!
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Pictographics are a mosaic of several colored photographs cut into tiny pieces and reconstructed to form a single art image.

Each Pictographic contains between two to four hundred individual pieces and can take as long as a month to construct.

Viewed from a distance the Pictographic is bold and dynamic. When viewed up close, it becomes a mesmerizing abstraction where light and colors swirl into fluid patterns.

Fine digital printing insures a beautiful print ready for framing.

"Kachina's Are Coming"
Size: 24" X 36"

Phoenix From The Ashes
Size: 24" X 36"

Taos Church At Christmas
Size: 24" X 36"

Dances With Hoops
Size: 24" X 36"

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