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Sacred Mandalla's

The Sacred Mandalla is the original symbol of the Universe. In Sanskrit it means 'circle.' Each mandalla tells a story of unity.

Over the past twenty years the artist has designed more than four hundred mandalla's never repeating the same pattern twice.

The designs and colors are inspired by the patterns found in nature. A flower or a single feather can be the inspiration for an entire mandalla.

The body of the hoop is crocheted and woven with the finest yarns or air brushed on leather. They are adorned with various combinations of leather, horse hair, feathers, and wooden or hand made ceramic beads.

Mandalla's are lightweight and can be hung from a wall, or suspended from a ceiling to add a distinctive artistic touch to any decor.

Special commissions are available by writing to

Sacred Mandallas
Four Winds
Media: Crocheted Yarn
Size: 28" Hoop x 68" Long
Price: $425. + SH

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Sacred Mandallas
Beyond Life Mandalla
Media: Airbrush on Leather
Size: 24" Hoop x 62" Length
Price: $550. + SH

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Sacred Mandallas
Desert Flower
Media: Mohair Yarn Crocheted
Size: 21" Hoop x 58" Long
Price: $255 + SH

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Sacred Mandallas
Pow Wow Drum
Media: Crocheted Yarn
Size: 24" Hoop x 54" Long


Sacred Mandallas
Navaho Star
Media: Woven/Crocheted Yarn
Hand painted beads
Size: 28"Hoop x 64" Long



Sacred Mandallas
Sun Face
Media: Painted Leather Face,
Metallic Yarn Crocheted
Size: 21" Hoop x 60" Long (Reversible)

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