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In 1981, Linda Davis and Geraldine Sader formed the company, 'Those Kids From Nebraska Productions, for the purpose of managing and promoting fine arts with propriety and affinity.

Geraldine specializes in oil painting and Linda enjoys portrait drawing, crafts and graphic arts. Both artists enjoy photography and poetry. For the past twenty years they have sold their work privately, in Arts & Crafts shows throughout Nebraska and in several galleries in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Inspiration for the work they produce comes from the nature rich land surrounding their home on the Platte River Corridor and from travel adventures throughout the State of Nebraska.

With the completion of this web site, they hope to offer their work to the world, expanding in the near future to include other artists from the Midwest area.

Canada Geese Parents Take Gosslings For A Sunday Stroll Down The Sidewalk In Our Yard

Mother Doe And Her Fawn Visit Our Front Yard At Sunrise.
"An artist is not a special kind of person,
but every person is a special kind of artist."

Linda Davis
Linda Davis in the forest of the Platte River Corridor.
Gerry Sader
Gerry Sader painting at the easel in her front yard at Bass Lake.

Song Birds Feeding Together In Unity

Pelican Playing On Bass Lake

Monarch Butterfly

This Young Great Horned Owl Fell From His Nest And Was Cared For Until He Could Be Returned To The Wild.*

American Bald Eagle On The Platte River *

Duck Family Visit*

Baby Foxes
The Forest Is Nature's Nursery*

Baby Bird
All Creatures Great And Small Are Cared For By Our Friend And Property Manager, Dick Johnson
*A special thank you to our neighbor, Michael Tietze for permission to use of his wild life photo's on our website.
All other photo's were taken by Linda Davis and Geraldine Sader.
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